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Certified Scuba Divers

Experienced divers rejoice!
Sandals offers some of the most exciting dive sites in the entire Caribbean region, as well as top-of-the-line equipment; extremely knowledgeable and expert dive masters and captains; and a customized fleet of state-of-the-art 49' Newton boats. Thrilling underwater experiences await.

Just download and fill out this mandatory medical questionnaire, which will assess if you meet the minimum physical requirements to safely participate in this sport. The Medical Questionnaire must be completely filled and signed by a physician prior to arrival at the resort.


Only Sandals
includes TWO, 1-TANK
or one,
2-tank dive.

The Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) is one of the world's most prominent scuba diving training organizations.

Open Water Diver Night Diver Advanced Open Water Diver Enriched Air Diver PADI COURSES

Devoted to promoting safe scuba diving practices, the Divers Alert Network has sponsoring dive training programmes since 1980.

Oxygen First Aid Advanced Oxygen First Aid External Defibrillators DAN COURSES

Sandals truly offers you the very best of the best

Ultimate Dive Sites

Explore The Caribbean above and below

Submerged wrecks, undersea canyons and coral reefs teeming with rays, sharks and aquatic life - adventure beckons beneath the Caribbean Sea.

  • Deep Plane
  • Arches
  • Devil's Reef
  • Elephant Ear Canyon
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Scuba Equipment

Top-of-the-Line Equipment IS INCLUDED

Scuba diving at Sandals truly offers you the very best of the best in equipment and it's all included!

  • Luxter® Tanks
  • Deep Blue® Fins
  • Rubber-encased Weights
  • Scuba Pro® BCD's
  • Scuba Pro® Regulators
  • Slicone Mask & Snorkel

But if you prefer, you can even bring your own equipment!

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Unlimited Scuba Diving Experience

New to Scuba Diving

This online course gets the classroom phase out of the way and prepares you to dive in immediately.

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The Sandals Fleet

Sandals fleet of specially designed, Twin Diesel Newton Boats, provides you with everything you need for a spectacular diving experience.

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